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The information is intended solely for the attention of the persons to whom it is addressed. Further dissemination of this information is allowed only with the prior consent of the Bank.

The information is only indicative, is not exhaustive and is provided solely for discussion purposes. The information should not be regarded as a public offer, request or invitation to purchase or sell any securities, financial instruments or services. The Bank reserves the right to make a final decision on the provision of these products and/or services to a specific customer, including refusing to provide products and/or services if such activities would be contrary to applicable law.

No guarantees in direct or indirect form, including those stipulated by law, are provided in connection with the specified information and materials. The information presented above cannot be considered as a recommendation for investing funds, as well as guarantees or promises of future profitability of investments.

Before using any of the Bank's services, you should discuss with the Bank's representatives the terms and procedure for providing each specific service and independently assess the economic risks and benefits of the service, tax, legal, accounting consequences of concluding a transaction when using a particular service, your willingness and ability to accept such risks.

The risk of negative consequences as a result of the use of the above recommendations, opinions and statements is fully borne by the addressee of the information.

The Bank is not responsible for any losses (direct or indirect) resulting from the use of the above information and materials.

For additional information on the provision of the Bank's products and services, please contact the Bank's employees at the specified phone numbers and addresses.

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